Keynote Speakers

Data to citizens: the variants of trust for health data sharing
31st May 18:00-18:30
Ethics and citizen empowerment
Senior Project manager ECHAlliance
Chair NET4Age-Friendly


She is Senior International Project Manager for the ECHAlliance, CEO of an SME, SHINE 2Europe, evaluator/reviewer for the European Commission, Eureka, AAL and EIT Digital, and has over 20 years-experience in health and social care, as Innovation Director of a Portuguese NGO, Cáritas Coimbra.

She is a member of the Expert Team developing the EU Ethics framework for the ICT Profession, as external expert for CEN/CENELEC, and, in the same area, Team Leader of the group of experts designing the AAL Reference Guidelines in the Field of Ethics, Data Privacy and Security, contracted by the AAL Programme. Also, member of the Standing Committee on Policy and Advocacy of the International Health Literacy Association.

Highly interested in ethics, data sharing governance, in empowering citizens and fostering awareness to societal challenges.

She has written over 200 proposals for funded projects and implemented/managed several, such as DigitalHealthEurope, Trillium, PlatformUptake, EU_SHAFE, Pharaon, Dapas, DESIRE, BIG and SSD.


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