About Lumber Ace

As a native Mainer, I grew up in a state full of trees. My family were small town folk, and we lived on a parcel of land that included over a hundred acres of forest. Firewood was always one of our primary sources of heat, and I have very early memories of cutting and splitting wood with my dad. It was just part of our life.

As an engineer at a paper mill, my father was immersed in the business of transforming wood into paper. At home we lived on an old farm, and the house was over a century and a half old. That meant much of his spare time involved various carpentry projects to update and expand our home. We built a barn, sheds, a porch, and seemed to be working through the interior rooms one at a time. There always seemed to be woodwork happening around our house.

wood workingMy father was a big fan of accumulating tools, and he always was on the lookout for ways to fill out his workshop. As a result I had ready access to everything from planers and lathes, to band saws, drill presses and belt sanders. And dad was happy to show me how they worked, so I developed a love for woodworking.\

My dad has passed on, and now I am the dad. I still live in rural Maine with a smaller plot of my own. Like my dad I burn firewood, and though I am not an engineer I did spend some time working at several paper mills. My father was certainly a better carpenter than I am, but I’ve done a fair share of my own building and woodworking projects over the years, and did inherit his love for buying tools.

So Lumber Ace was created from my awe and appreciation for all things wood, and for the various tools and equipment used to shape it. I hope that comes through in the posts and articles on this site. I do ask that if you have an interesting story, anecdote, or creative use for a particular woodworking tool, please send it in.

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