The Little Giant Ladder King Kombo

This hefty combo ladder is an interestingly adaptable tool. From a free standing stepladder to an extendable leaning ladder, there is a lot to work with here. These multiple configurations are versatile and can help you get a variety of tasks done, all using one tool.

A best-seller on Amazon for clear reasons, this ladder can do a lot and even eliminate your need for having multiple ladders. Talk about a space saver. This professional-rated A-frame ladder is a workhorse, and that’s exactly what you want.

Enhanced safety and stability make this product a great contender in your search for a sturdy work ladder. Let’s get into this little giant ladder review.

Who’s It For?

The King Kombo ladder by The Little Giant is an adjustable combination ladder that functions in a variety of ways. Though many people would enjoy the versatility that this ladder offers, it would probably be most helpful to people in specific work categories.

The ideal customer for the King Kombo ladder would be:

  • Someone who works construction or handyman chores regularly
  • A person who works around a variety of sites and needs adaptability in ladder access areas
  • A person operating in low light situations needing advanced ladder visibility for safety reasons
  • An electrician

An especially strong option for folks that work on house frames, this ladder can conform to a variety of leaning surfaces – even singular studs, which is pretty amazing.

This ladder is not the best choice for the following customers:

  • Someone just wanting a simple house ladder for chores like changing light bulbs or reaching high shelves
  • A person exceeding the weight limit of 375lbs
  • A person who would have trouble lifting the ladder weight of 15-20lbs

As you can see, this ladder will appeal to a vast amount of people. An awesome tool for the person needing lots of adaptabilities and job-site rigor, but not the best choice for the stay-at-home parent that only needs to change a lightbulb.

What We Like About Little Giant Ladder King Kombo, Professional

There are a lot of positive things to be said about the King Kombo ladder. It’s a snap to convert between the three modes – like, an actual snap. Customers liked the audible noise when converting modes, stating that it gave them peace of mind that the hinges were secured.

Little Giant Ladders offers some great accessories that are compatible with this ladder for enhanced work quality. It’s most admirable feature is its ability to fit like a key against nearly any leaning surface.

Our absolute favorite aspects about this ladder are:

  • It’s a durable material
  • Versatile rotating wall pads
  • Ability to fit into narrow spaces

As mentioned above, our favorite part about this ladder is its innovative rotating wall pad, which offers so much in terms of sturdy leaning surface placement. Described in more detail in the Features section below, it changes the game when it comes to accessibility.

Have no hesitation about purchasing this non-traditional ladder. You’ll probably be better off, and SAFER, for it. It’s rock-solid, doesn’t wobble or creak, and has trustworthy non-slip feet. The hinges are strong in the leaning and extension modes, and won’t give you any reason to worry about stability.

What We Don’t Like About Little Giant Ladder King Kombo, Professional[Product Name]

Always room for improvement, we noticed a few things that are worth some thought about King Kombo. If you’re working in really high spots, the ten-foot reach just might not be enough for you.

This model does not feature the bottom step indicator ground cue like it’s brothers. This is a letdown, as a reported 20 percent of ladder accident cases are due to users missing the bottom step. It’s a shame to miss that helpful addition, though it is present in other makes of this same model.

The application of fiberglass material for the frame of this ladder is fantastic as a nonconductive item for electricians. To note though, if fiberglass is left in the sun for too long it can experience fiber “bloom”. This doesn’t necessarily affect the strength of the ladder, but over time can affect its non-conductive factor.


  • Three different configurations
  • Rotating wall pad offers increased stability
  • Well built and sturdy, made with strong materials
  • The wide base of support for tipping safety
  • Narrowed top for increased access to smaller spaces, like in between studs and into attic ports


  • The 10-foot extension might be too short for some users
  • Missing the bottom step indicator feature

What’s Included?

The purchase of this ladder will only include the King Kombo itself. The mother brand, Little Giant Ladders, also sells accessories that are compatible with this product. These are definitely worth the separate look if you are a professional handyman.

Separate purchase accessories include:

  • Work platform: to allow for seated work
  • Ladder rack: for easy wall-mounted ladder storage
  • Project tray: great for holding small hand tools and features molded dividers for bits and screws
  • Fuel tank: for juice boxes and graham crackers. Just kidding, this is like a tote-able paint bucket that you can attach to your ladder.

The King Kombo is compatible with the Little Giant Ladders field replacement feet. This includes a professional foot, industrial foot, and technical foot – all intended for providing specific stability needs, depending on the ground surface of your work-site and angle of the ladder.

Sometimes having the right accessories can make a big difference in your productivity and organization. It also makes working a lot more fun, and we could all use some of that.

Overview Of Features


  • Three-in-one configurations
  • Rotating wall pad
  • High visibility green fiberglass frame
  • Holds up to 375lbs
  • Extends from 6 feet to 10 feet

The King Kombo clocks in at around 15-20lbs, so it is a bit heavier than your average ladder. However, with that extra weight, you are getting strong durable materials and increased product stability.

Three in one!

This three-in-one combo can help you with just about any type of climb. The most important part about getting close to high working space is maintaining safety. So, when you’re able to employ a variety of configurations to get the best reach, you’re likely to have the ability to do safer.

The three configurations include:

  • Freestanding stepladder – your classic triangle shape for getting to places like ceilings or tree branches where there isn’t an option to lean against a strong surface
  • Extension ladder – Utilize up to ten feet of height in full extension mode to reach those high spots like attic windows and short roofs
  • Leaning ladder – OSHA certified leaning ladder. Allows quick access for taller-than-you chores, like painting window trim or cleaning gutters

These three options can solve a lot of problems for an avid handyman worker. The ability to quickly adapt between styles eliminates the need for multiple ladders. In turn, it also saves you time from toting different ladders back and forth from your truck (or Mini Cooper, no judgment) when working different job-sites.

Rotating wall pad

This might seem like “fluff”, but trust us, it’s not. Termed as the “crowning gem of the King Kombo” these wall pads are extraordinarily dynamic. This rotating piece can conform to a variety of surfaces, even those quite unconventional.

The rotating wall pad will conform to the following leaning surfaces:

  • A flat wall
  • A stud: the split pad will straddle the stud
  • An outside corner: the angular shape of the pads allows them to rest snugly on a standard 90-degree corner.
  • An inside corner: that angular shape comes in handy again by wedging into a 90-degree corner.

The wall facing material on the rotating wall pads is rubber coated and won’t scuff up nice walls.

With ladders, it’s all about safety and stability. The last thing you want is a wobbly and unsteady standing surface. Especially when you are toting tools and materials.


This ladder extends from a height of 6 feet as the step ladder and up to 10 feet as the full set extension ladder. The base feet measure 24” apart, providing nice wide bottom support to improve side-tip stability.

At the top of the extension rail, the width is 14”. So, for people working on house framing jobs, this ladder is even narrow enough at the top to fit in between standard studs – allowing you to get as close as possible to the task you’re working on.

With a good amount of extension, the ladder still reverts to its 6-foot standard height, making it pretty easy to store.


In the field of electrical work, it’s important to establish a high amount of safety. Using a fiberglass ladder, is decidedly the safest material choice when it comes to electrical conductivity.

The leaning ladder configuration is OHSA certified – meaning that it conforms to the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


Why not purchase a ladder that’s won some awards and gained impressive certifications? Of all the tools in your shed, the ladder should be the star. None of your other tools are going to keep you safe when you’re above the ground, so pay your respects.

The King Kombo boasts the following statuses:

  • Winner of the 2019 OH&S New Product of the Year Award
  • Winner of the 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Award
  • OHSA Certified leaning ladder

As you can see, this ladder has been praised for its innovation and increased safety features. If that’s not proof of quality, we don’t know what is.

Review Summary

King Kombo lives up to its robust name. Whether you are a house-building pro or paint large scale murals of adorable bunnies, this ladder will improve your proficiency and ability to get the job done, all while upholding vigorous safety standards.

A sizable (get it?) force in the ladder world, with a three-in-one conversion ability, it’s sure to fit nearly every need of the workplace. We hope you’ve enjoyed this little giant ladder review and that it gives you some clarity in exploring the ladder options on the market.


Q: Does this ladder creak?
A: King Kombo is well constructed and solid. Many users report that there is no creaking, as compared to cheaper ladders.

Q: Where was this ladder made?
A: The country of origin is China.

Q: What is the warranty on this item?
A: 1-year limited warranty.

Q: How big is this ladder?
A: A starting size of 6 feet long, the ladder will fully extend to 10 feet. That gives you a lot of room for height when working tall tasks.

Q: Where can I store this ladder?
A: You can simply lean the ladder against the wall. Or get fancy and purchase a wall mount rack – Little Giant Ladders sells their version of this. If you are cramped for space, this ladder will even fit under a bed.

Q: Is this a good ladder for doing electrical work?
A: Yes. The fiberglass frame is non-conductive. Fiberglass is considered to be the gold standard in a ladder when it comes to material for electricians to use.

Q: Can I climb on the support side of the A-frame ladder?
A: No, the ladder is not designed for this intention. Climbing the ladder is only safe on the designated side.

Q: Can two people climb this ladder?
A: No, two people shouldn’t be climbing any ladder. This is a safety risk. If you need two people working a job, get two ladders.

Q: Are there any accessories included in this purchase?
A: No, you will only receive the King Kombo ladder. If you are interested in exploring accessories, check Amazon for compatible items or purchase from the Little Giant Ladders brand for brand-specific products.

Q: Are the feet sturdy?
A: Yes, the rubber non-slip feet will keep your ladder secure. There are also alternative feet available for Little Giant Ladders if you need something more specific.

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