Octagon House Plans — 8 Amazing Ideas for Octagon Shaped Homes

octagon house plans

Although octagon homes reached the height of their popularity during the 1850s, that doesn’t mean they’re out of style. When done right, these homes can look quite modern.

Additionally, they are extremely practical, as the octagon shape encloses space much more efficiently than a square or a rectangle.

If you’re interested in octagon house plans, look no further than this list.

No matter if you want a large home with four bedrooms or a one-bedroom space, you’ll surely find an octagon layout you will love.

A Modern Octagon House Plan

If you have no more than three kids and want plenty of dining and living room space, this plan may be just right for you. In our opinion, the best part of this octagon house plan is the living room placement.

It is located right in the center of the octagon, which makes it easy to access from any room.

Additionally, there are three bedrooms — a large master bedroom and two smaller rooms. The master bedroom comes with two closets, so you and your significant other will never have to fight over closet space. Furthermore, it comes with a spacious master bathroom.

The two smaller bedrooms share a second bathroom and make for amazing rooms for siblings. However, even if you have more than two children, don’t worry. You can easily add in a few bedrooms to the spacious lower level.

An Octagon House Plan With a Large Deck Area

If you want a large deck, look no further than octagon house plans. The shape allows for much more deck area without having to add on extra square footage. However, if you’re looking for quite a large deck, such as in this house plan, you may have to sacrifice some bedroom area.

While this plan does contain three bedrooms, each of them is roughly the same size.

Therefore, there is no master bedroom, although there is one that has its own bathroom, while the other two share one. Additionally, there is plenty of space for a dining room and a living room.

And, of course, there’s the shining star — the spacious deck area. The deck takes up almost a quarter of the main floor surface area, and you can get to it from the living room, as well as the dining area and one of the bedrooms.

The Octagon House Plan for a Large Family

It’s hard to find a home big enough for a large family.

If you want to use up your square footage wisely, choosing an octagon house plan may be your best bet.

This one, in particular, contains three reasonably sized bedrooms on the first level.

Additionally, there’s plenty of space on the lower level you can easily transform into more bedrooms.

The lower level even has its own bathroom and a study room that can double as a guestroom or an extra bedroom.

Another amazing trait of this house plan is its large deck.

It encircles the whole first level, and you can reach it from any room. Furthermore, there’s also a spacious dining and kitchen area which can be completely separate from the living room.

The living and family rooms are large enough for hosting, as well. The fireplace in the center of the living room gives the whole house a warm atmosphere, and it will certainly make your guests feel comfortable.

A Unique Take on a One Bedroom Apartment

If you’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment, it may be smarter to invest in a smaller octagon house.

For example, this house plan has everything a person needs in a spacious one-bedroom home.

The living room area is large enough for hosting, and it’s just far enough from the kitchen. Hence, you won’t have to worry about heating up the living room while cooking lunch during the warmer months.

The dining room and the living room both overlook the patio area. Additionally, the bathroom is big enough, all while not taking up too much space.

This home layout makes for a perfect bachelor pad or a home for people without children. However, if you plan on starting a family, you can easily add another floor.

The second floor can fit at least three more rooms and two bathrooms.

A Roomy Octagon Vacation Home

Octagon house plans are the way to go if you want to build a large vacation home. This one, in particular, is spacious enough for a large family, as it contains four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The living and dining room area is quite big, as well. Therefore, you can fit a large family in the living room without making it too crowded.

The kitchen doesn’t take up too much space. However, it has everything it needs in order to function.

Furthermore, you can make the deck on the first floor as large as you want. In addition to it being an outdoor seating area, the deck will also provide shade for the lower level of the house.

The lower level, which contains one bedroom and a bathroom, has a vast general area, as well. You can transform the said area into two more bedrooms or make it a playroom for your kids.

A Two Bedroom Octagon House Plan

Octagon homes can work quite well with two bedrooms, as well. For example, this layout contains two bedrooms that are equal both in size and closet space.

The bathroom is easily accessible from the living room, as well. The kitchen area is what we like the most about this home layout.

It’s quite separate from the living room and the dining room.

You can even make it into a completely separate room by simply adding one more wall. That way, you don’t have to worry about any of the cooking scents coming into the living room area.

The living room is fairly spacious. However, if you don’t need it to be that large, you can easily add another room in its place, therefore transforming the layout into a three-bedroom plan.

Still, we advise the center area remains a part of the living room, as it’s the only way to access the bathroom and kitchen.

A Unique C-Shaped House Plan With an Octagon Base

If you own a plot of land that doesn’t allow for a large octagon home, this layout can be a great substitute.

Although it’s not a complete octagon, the central part of the home is, as well as the deck area.

From the large deck, you enter the vast living room and dining room area. This part of the house is quite big, making it great for hosting large parties of people.

The kitchen is tucked away in a corner, but it’s large enough to fit all the essentials. Additionally, it has a bar area that separates it from the rest of the room.

This house layout contains three spacious bedrooms. From the dining room, you enter the master suite with the roomy, two-sink bathroom.

Alternatively, the living room area leads to a hallway where the two smaller rooms are located. There you can find another bathroom, which can be shared by siblings or used by guests when they come for a visit.

A Traditional House Plan With an Octagon Twist

Do you love large, one-story homes that span across a massive plot of land? If so, take a look at this traditional take on an octagon house layout.

The center of the house is in the shape of an octagon. That’s where you’ll find the kitchen, dining, and living room.

The patio extends from the majority of the house, and you can access it from any room. From one side, the octagon extends into a hallway with an office, a master suite, and a large bathroom.

The other hallway leads to two smaller bedrooms and the second bathroom.

In addition to a large garage, there’s also space for a golf garage. However, if you don’t need it, feel free to repurpose the golf garage into any room you want.

For example, it can be another office, an extra bedroom, or provide additional closet space.

In Conclusion

No matter how large you want your house to be, you can’t go wrong with octagon house plans.

Still, be mindful of how many bedrooms you may need before you start the construction process. Depending on your layout, it may be difficult to add another bedroom later on, without disrupting the flow of the house.

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