Bar Height Table Plans

Many people worldwide love to go out and relax at a bar, and for many reasons. It is nice to socialize and try to forget the weekday grind.

But have you ever noticed that bars stools and bar tables are comfortable for sitting? The fact is that sitting at a bar height table is so natural and comfortable.

It is the perfect position between sitting and standing, so there is a minimal effort between sitting and standing.

Whether you own a restraint or want one at home, bar height tables are a great edition. Having one at home could be the exact thing you need to relax during the weekdays and strain yourself getting up and down.

If you own a restaurant, having a bar height table will attract customers.

Do you have to buy the table, or can you make them yourself? Luckily, there are plenty of easy step-by-step plans to build your table. You do not have to be an expert to create one.

With some essential tools and suitable materials, you will have your table built in no time.

If you have the essential tools, you can make a masterpiece bar table. If you do not have the suggested tools, you can buy them second-hand or even borrow them from a friend.

They do not cost too much brand-new, but sometimes you have to cut corners if you are on a tight budget. The tools suggested are:

  • Measuring tape
  • Square
  • Pencil
  • Hand Saw
  • Power Saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Bar clamps
  • Clamps
  • Hammer
  • Drill and Drill Bits
  • Screw Gun
  • Mallet
  • Sandpaper or Sander
  • Sawhorses
  • Planes
  • Hand Files

Depending on the table, there might be others needed, but those are the essential woodworking tools.

You will also need some primary material, which can get costly, but there are some very cheap options. Usually, you will need:

  • Lumber
  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Clear Finish
  • Paint
  1. DIY Pub Table

This table is perfect for DIY beginners, and this is an idyllic project to increase your skills. It is an attractive and fully functional table that you can show off to your friends, family, and customers.

The plan has everything you need, with lists of materials and step-by-step instructions. There are photos, so you can make sure your table looks right throughout the entire process.

If you are looking to make a simple bar table, this is the table for you. You do not have to be a pro to build this table, but that does not mean that it is only for beginners. It is the spiritual form of a bar table.

In five specific steps, you will have built a beautiful wooden table.

  • Step 1: Purchase Materials
  • Step 2: Cut and Mill Your Lumber
  • Step 3: Glue Up the Legs and Top
  • Step 4: Drill Pocket Holes and Assemble the Table
  • Step 5: Paint and Finish
  1. Tall Pub Table

This table instruction is thorough a video, where you will learn to build a quick and easy pub table. This talented YouTuber will tell you everything you need to know while acting lively and showing great confidence.

It is a truly inspiring video while being informative and professional. The table would like great in a bar or at home.

  1. Build A 2×4 Outdoor Bar Table

Here you can learn how to make a table out of 2×4’s. It is a very affordable and user-friendly option. You can use your leftover 2x4s or buy some nice and new ones that glow.

This table is so adaptable, and it looks great anywhere. From the dining room to the garage, it is the picture-perfect table.

With 14 specific steps, including pictures, this informational DIY project is perfect. The images will make the instructions friendly and easy to follow. Here is what to expect:

  • Step 1: Put Aside the 2x4s That You Would Like on the Tabletop (the rest are for the legs and support)
  • Step 2: Start Measuring and Marking Based on the Cut Requirements
  • Step 3: Cut the Wood on the Saw
  • Step 4: Make the Pocket Holes with the Jigsaw
  • Step 5: Start Assembling the Base
  • Step 6: More Measuring
  • Step 7: More Cutting
  • Step 8: Fasten Apron to the Legs
  • Step 9: Repeat 7 and 8 for the Other Side
  • Step 10: Put Table Frame on Sawhorse Attach Legs to Frame
  • Step 11: Take Table Off of Sawhorse
  • Step 12: Use Remaining Boards for the Tabletop
  • Step 13: Drill More Holes
  • Step 14: Fasten Tabletop to the Base

And then you will have a beautiful and versatile bar table.

  1. DIY Pub Table Video

This one is another excellent and informational video on how to build a bar table. The guy is very talented and thorough with his explanation.

Everything you need to know will be in the video. You might not have all the equipment he uses, but it is an excellent video to check out regardless.

  1. DIY High Top Pub Table

She has exceptional talent, and though she comically states that the photos are bad quality, it does not matter because the table design is top-notch. It is yet another table that will be amazing in any circumstance. Whether at a restaurant or the office, it will fit right in. The instructions are simple to follow, and sometimes, simplicity is best. There are nine easy and clear instructions.

  • Step 1: Cut the 2×6’s
  • Step 2: Cut the 4×4’s
  • Step 3: Cut the 2×4’s
  • Step 4: Cut Your Breadboards
  • Step 5: Drill Pocket Holes
  • Step 6: Glue and Screw
  • Step 7: Sand Top and Sides of Table
  • Step 8: Attach Legs
  • Step 9: Sand, Stain, and Finish

Now you will have a beautiful table.

  1. DIY $25 Pub Table/Kitchen Island Project

Here we have another video of a simple build. The beauty behind this one is that the project cost $25. Instead of spending too much on buying a ready-made table, you can make one that will fit your budget.

  1. Outdoor Bar Table

You would think a carpenter made this table because it looks so lovely. The style is flawless, and it is very sturdy. The great news is you can make this piece of art for your use. It is a great table and looks great anywhere you put it.

The instructions are some of the most informative we have seen for bar table plans. It is as organized as a dinner recipe. Instead of too much writing, the five steps have instructive drawings:

  • Step 1: Shows How to Assemble the Legs
  • Step 2: Shows How to Attach the Set of Legs, Forming the Whole Frame
  • Step 3 & 4: Shows How to Add integrity to the Structure
  • Step 5: Shows How to Make the Tabletop
  1. Epic DIY Outdoor Bar

This bar is more advanced and is best for the DIY pros. However, if you have the confidence and the tools, anyone can try to build it.

It is a video that shows how this YouTuber created this “epic” bar, and it is informative and inspiring. Once you have some experience, this bar would be great to add to the collection.

  1. DIY Coffee Bar Table (With Step-By-Step Plans)

This coffee bar went into an actual coffee shop, but it would look great just about anywhere. It has a very industrial and artistic look. The legs are piping, which makes it so different from any others out there.

I can imagine that this one will be a big hit with your friends, so buy extra material, because you will be making more.

You can build it in seven steps.

  • Steps 1 through 4: Assemble the Legs
  • Step 5: Attach Legs, Making the Frame
  • Step 6 & 7: Add the Tabletop and Secure It
  1. Custom Coffee Bar Build

Here is another quick but informative DIY video. You will need basic skills in building DIY projects, but it is a lovely bar.

It uses pallet wood and steel so that it will have that nice industrial look.

  1. Bar Top Console Table

The bar top console table is a great DIY project to do at home. This table is excellent for anywhere and would look amazing with almost all furniture. It is simple but beautiful.

There is a great video, material list, and a downloadable PDF so you can build this table with ease.

  1. Build A Sofa Table/Bar Table

This one is an excellent add-on to any living room. It looks terrific behind a couch, and it stands out as a beautiful piece wherever you put it.

It doubles as a breakfast bar as well. There is a great video that will break down how to build this aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture.

  1. Make A Concrete Pub Table

This table is different from the others on this list.

It is not just made of wood, but of concrete too. I know it sounds crazy, a table made of concrete, but it is much simpler than you think.

It also looks impressive and can withstand anything the weather throws at it. It is immensely aesthetically pleasing, so this will not.

The plans are very descriptive and include a downloadable PDF file. The ten steps are easy to follow:

  • Step 1: Cut the Base and Side Strips
  • Step 2: Assemble the Melamine Form
  • Step 3: Cut the Coasters
  • Step 4: Cut Foam and LayOut Table Inserts
  • Step 5: Cut Steel Enforcement
  • Step 6: Mix Concrete and Pour Base
  • Step 7: Lay in Reinforcement and Pour Top Layer
  • Step 8: Cut Out Legs and Supports
  • Step 9: Drill Pocket Holes and Assemble Table Base
  • Step 10: Remove Concrete from the Form and Put on Finish
  1. Make A Home Coffee Bar

If you are an espresso aficionado, then you will love to build this bar. It is perfect for at home or a café. It looks impressive in any room—a great way to put Grandpa’s espresso maker on display. The tutorial is straightforward to understand. This table is one of the nicest on here.

  1. Build A Bar Table

This one is another beautiful bar table that looks amazing in any room, especially by some windows. Great for cafes, home, work, and everywhere else.

The plans are perfect for those who like the detail in every step. It comes in a downloadable PDF. This table is excellent for all sorts of skill levels, especially those with little experience. There are only a few steps needed:

  • Step 1: Build Side Frames
  • Step 2: Lock Both Sides with a Stretcher
  • Step 3: Attach Tabletop
  1. Easy DIY Bar Ikea Hack

Here is a neat video on using furniture that you may have lying around the house to turn into a bar. The bar includes shelves and other table-type furniture with a few pieces of wood.

The great thing about Ikea is it is cheap stuff, and you can use it to build anything.

These days, there are plenty of videos suggesting different ways to use the Ikea furniture to make something else of use.

  1. Salvaged DIY Industrial Bar Table

If you like the industrial style, this one is perfect for you. You will be using salvage, like tires and pipes, to build this hip bar table.

This piece will impress anyone who sees, as it shows the creativity that there is when creating a table.

The site also gives you other ideas so you can use your imagination in making your very own table.

The idea is that anything turns into a table. One man’s junk is another man’s table. You are also conserving the environment by using salvage.

There is an endless number of other plans, but you have to start somewhere.

The tables listed above are all fantastic, and almost anyone can build them. The building is a great way to bond with family, friends or to have some alone time to harbor your creativity.

That is the point to remember: you are building the table, so be sure to express your individuality.

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